Angela Ndalianis

Angela Ndalianis is Head of the Cinema Studies Program at the University of Melbourne, Australia. Her research areas focus is on contemporary cinema and the history of entertainment media, past and present. In particular, she is interested in the intersection that exists between various media forms including films, computer games, comic books and theme park attractions and spaces. She has published articles in a number of journals and has contributed to the anthologies On a Silver Platter: CD-Roms and the Promises of a New Technology (ed. Greg Smith, NYU Press 1999), MetaMorphing: Visual Transformation and the Culture of Quick Change (ed. Vivian Sobchack, Minnesota University Press 2000), Hop on Pop: the Politics and Pleasures of Popular Cultures (ed.s Henry Jenkins, Tara McPherson, Jane Shattuc, Duke University Press 2003), and Neo Baroque and Contemporary Entertainment (The MIT Press 2003). She is currently working on a project that explores the history of the theme park, looking both at its historical origins and its impact on current social spaces.

Books and Journal Articles

Leonardo Reviews

Parables for the Virtual: Movement, Affect, Sensation

August 2003