Kevin Murray

Kevin Murray is Artistic Director of Craft Victoria and national editor for Art Monthly Online. He has curated a number of exhibitions that have toured nationally, including Symmetry: Crafts Meet Kindred Trades and Professions, How Say You, Turn the Soil: What if Australia had been colonised by someone else?, Water Medicine: Precious Works for an Arid Continent, and Loom. He is the curator of the interactive program for the Melbourne Film Festival. As well as articles for art publications, he also writes features for The Age newspaper and produces radio programs for the ABC. In 1996, he was awarded a VACB Writing Fellowship and wrote a book Neverland: The Lost Continent of Australia for Pluto Press (2013). He is interested in the material/digital divide, insects, the south and speculative art. Most exhibitions and articles are online at Kevin Murray lives in Brunswick, Melbourne. Web: Email:


Journal Articles

Collective Intelligence: Mankind's Emerging World in Cyberspace

February 1999

Techgnosis: Myth, Magic + Mysticism in the Age of Information

August 2000

Art in Holography2

February 2001