Yuan-Yi Fan

Yuan-Yi Fan (artist, researcher). Email: yyf@yuanyifan.com. Web: www.yuanyifan.com.

Yuan-Yi Fan studied computer music, media arts and multimedia engineering in the Media Arts and Technology program at University of California, Santa Barbara, where he received his PhD in 2015. His research investigates collective expression by creating systems that augment audience participation and multimodal interactivity. He currently leads audio research and engineering at a startup in Los Angeles. Before attending UCSB, he built MEMS ultrasound transducer arrays at the Ultrasound Imaging Laboratory in Taiwan.


Journal Articles

Leonardo Gallery

Leonardo Gallery

April 2015

Move That Sound There: Exploring Sound in Space with a Markerless Gestural Interface

December 2013
Articles and Notes

Algorithmic Spatialization Using Object-Based Audio and Indoor Positioning System

December 2019