Louise Mackenzie

Louise Mackenzie is an artist and researcher based in the U.K., affiliated with the Cultural Negotiation of Science research group, Northumbria University. Her work The Stars Beneath Our Feet has been shown at Lumiere Durham, U.K. (2015); Summerhall Edinburgh, U.K. (2016); Basement 6 Collective, Shanghai, China (2016); and Lumiere Durham 10, U.K. (2019). Originally commissioned by Artichoke, U.K. Development supported by Newcastle University, Northumbria University and Durham University.

Louise Mackenzie (artist, independent researcher), U.K. Email: info@loumackenzie.com.


Journal Articles

Special Section: Leonardo Abstracts Service: Top-Rated LABS Abstracts 2019

Evolution of the Subject: Synthetic Biology in Fine Art Practice

October 2020
Special Section: Re:Sound—Media Art Histories 2019

Microbial Sensing: Constructing Perception through Technological Layers

December 2020