Jasna Jovicevic

Jasna Jovicevic (artist, student), Faculty of Media and Communication, Belgrade, Transdisciplinary Studies of Contemporary Arts and Media, Karadjordjeva 65, 11000 Beograd, Serbia. Email: jasna.jovicevic@fmk.edu.rs. Web: www.jasnajovicevic.com. ORCID: 0000-0002-0163-0261.

Jasna Jovicevic earned her BA in jazz saxophone from the Franc Liszt Academy in Budapest and her MA in Music Composition from York University in Toronto. She is currently enrolled at Doctoral Transdisciplinary Studies in Contemporary Arts and Media at Faculty of Media and Communications in Belgrade. She has participated as a composer and performer at festivals and artist residencies in the United States, Canada and Europe; released four solo albums, and a dozen as a sideman; and lectures at a college, teaches yoga and leads NGO projects.


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Flow Vertical: Composing and Improvising Original Music Inspired by Bodily Sound Vibrations

December 2019