Author & Physicist Hideo Mabuchi: Live Discussion

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The Leonardo Book Club is a series activating opportunities for our authors to connect with our readers.

Join Leonardo author and Scientific Delirium Madness 2018 resident Hideo Mabuchi for a discussion of the SDM 5.0 residency featured in the June issue of Leonardo Journal. We will be producing this livestream on Facebook and Zoom for audience discussion and participation. 

Hideo Mabuchi, Menlo Park, CA. Physicist. Mabuchi received his AB in Physics from Princeton University and his PhD in Physics from the California Institute of Technology. In his work on the study of microscopic physical structures (crystals) and processes (crystal growth) responsible for color formation in wood-fired ceramics -- some of which is in the public domain on the web blog of the National Council for Education in the Ceramic Arts ( – he is frequently confronted by the challenge of relating detail images acquired using optical and electron microscopes to the "direct" visual impression one has when looking at a ceramic surface with the naked eye, or even to photographs taken with a regular digital camera. An extremely important challenge for us to address, as it relates directly to the challenge of helping a broad audience appreciate that fascinating "science" is all around us in nature and in the gallery/museum, yet just hidden from view. Mabuchi currently works as Professor of Applied Physics at Stanford University. He was named a MacArthur Fellow in 2000.

Scientific Delirium Madness (SDM) is a collaborative initiative of Leonardo/ISAST and Djerassi Resident Artists Program. The 2018 session celebrated the 5th year of SDM—a monthlong residency that brings together artists and scientists at the Djerassi 583-acre retreat in the coastal Santa Cruz Mountains in California. While living, eating, working and hiking alone and together, the residents are urged to “just be,” to allow their passions and practices to explore new territory in every sense of the word. To transform and transcend the boundaries of art and science. This Leonardo Gallery features a selection of Artists’ Statements stemming from the 2018 SDM 5.0 residency, 13 June–11 July 2018.

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