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LASER (Leonardo Art Science Evening Rendezvous) is Leonardo/ISAST's international program of evening gatherings that brings artists and scientists together for informal presentations and conversations.

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CHAIRS: Tami Spector and Piero Scaruffi


(The order of the speakers might change.)

7:00-7:25: Stephen Auger (Media Artist & Light Theorist) and Benjamin Smarr on "Interstellar Hallucination"

7:25-7:50: Anja Ulfeldt (Media Artist) on "Subjective Infrastructure: Experiential art employing civic, domestic, and personal infrastructure as it relates to physical and auditory experience."

7:50-8:10: BREAK. Before or after the break, anyone in the audience currently working within the intersections of art and science will have 30 seconds to share their work. Please present your work as a teaser so that those who are interested can seek you out during social time following the event.

8:10-8:35: Lucia Aronica (Stanford Prevention Research Center) on "Epigenetics, Nutrition and your Health"

8:35-9:00: Willard Van De Bogart (Author & Composer) on "How scientists and musicians are discovering the complexities of proteins"

Discussions, networking

You can mingle with the speakers and the audience



  • Lucia Aronica is a Lecturer in Nutritional Genomics at the Stanford Prevention and Research Center and at Stanford Continuing Studies. She is is currently leading the epigenetic analysis of the Stanford DIETFITS study by Prof Christopher Gardner — the largest randomized clinical trial ever undertaken to compare low carb vs. low fat diets for the design of personalized weight loss strategies. The focus of her research is investigating how diet affects the epigenome, and whether we can use epigenetic biomarkers to design personalized weight loss plans. Lucia serves also as an advisor for companies active in the personal genomics and precision health field. Lucia received her PhD from the Universitaet Wien, and has research experience from the University of Oxford, University of Southern California, and University Federico II of Naples. She has published research papers in top-ranked peer reviewed journals such as Cell, Genes and Development, and the EMBO Journal.
  • Stephen Auger has worked as a Cross-disciplinary artist and light theorist for over four decades. He trained in physics and neuroscience at Hampshire College and The Center for Advanced Visual Studies at MIT. Auger's paintings explore the boundaries of visual perception encouraging viewers to experience "sensing" as a conscious mode of perception. His pursuit of the enigmatic sensory qualities experienced in the light of dawn and dusk led him into collaborations with Dr. Margaret Livigstone and Dr. Benjamin Smarr. Auger's exploration time-base perception and self-organizing pattern and form emanate from his work with the dynamic interaction of matter with vibration and elemental forces of nature. Auger's mentors include Edwin Land, Joseph Albers protege Arthur Hoener. His paintings and sculptures are in private, corporate and museum collections internationally, including Yale University, Andrew Lloyd Weber, Malcolm Forbes Jr., The Carnegie Institute of Science. Stephen is currently involved in several collaborative curatorial, teaching, and research projects. Auger lives and works in Santa Fe, New Mexico.
  • Willard Van De Bogart received his Masters of Fine arts from the California Institute of Art where he studied under Morton Subotnick co-developer of the Buchla Synthesizer. Van De Bogart developed a performance ensemble, Ether Ship, using the Electronic Music Labs AKS synthesizer from the UK leading to exhibiting at the American Cultural Center on 3 Rue de Dragon in Paris, France for a piece commissioned by Don Forester for the 200th anniversary of the United States. Van De Bogart worked alongside Nicolas Sch”ffer, father of cybernetic art, where intricate displays of sound and light were explored. As a media consultant with NASA he was led to participating in the SETI program. Collaboration with Scot Forshaw, a quantum algorithm designer from the UK, led to exhibiting in Beijing and Shanghai, China for Roy Ascott's Consciousness Reframed conferences. Further ideas on nano-sound led Van De Bogart to exploring the sounds produced by the newly designed protein synthesizer, Eigenprot, developed by Zhao Qin and Markus Buehler at MIT where his ideas on xenolinguistics were further expanded. Van De Bogart is a member of the Generative Systems Art and Technology Group from Chicago founded by Sonia Landy Sheridan in 1969 and is included in their recent book "Weaving Global Minds" edited by Sheridan. Van De Bogart's videos can be found on YouTube under Ether Ship as well as sound tracks on SoundCloud. Published papers on his philosophy can be found in the Technoetic Arts Journal published by Intellect UK and edited by Roy Ascott.
  • Anja Ulfeldt is an artist, educator, and curator with a hybrid practice that floats between interactive installation, performance, and unconventional art facilitation with a focus on the current and future state of human infrastructure as it relates to the body. Through haptic interaction, her work considers technology- both simple and advanced- as it relates to ideas around stability, mobility and personal agency. Stemming from an underlying fascination with invention, Ulfeldt's work looks at the ephemeral nature of resources and infrastructure that feed, house and nurture our bodies directly. This includes simple technology such as plumbing, refrigeration and climate control as well as less tangible resources such as time, creative space, and community. Anja is currently a full time lecturer at Stanford University in the areas of Sculpture and Emerging Technology. She has exhibited in the Bay Area at SLAC National Laboratory, Pro Arts Gallery, Kala Art Institute, SOMArts, Root Division, the San Mateo Maker Faire, and in venues in New York, London, Salzburg and Berlin. Ulfeldt's work has been collected by the Exploratorium Museum in San Francisco, Esplora National Interactive Science Centre in Malta, and Recology San Francisco. She has been an artist-in-residence at Recology San Francisco, the Exploratorium Museum, Lost & Foundry Oakland and currently at Stochastic Labs.




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LASER (Leonardo Art Science Evening Rendezvous) Talks is Leonardo's international program of evening gatherings that bring artists and scientists together for informal presentations and conversations. LASER Talks were founded in 2008 by Bay Area LASER Chair Piero Scaruffi and are in over 30 cities around the world. To learn more about how our LASER Hosts and to visit a LASER near you please visit our website

The mission of the LASERs is to provide the general public with a snapshot of the cultural environment of a region and to foster interdisciplinary networking.

September 10th, 2019 7:00 PM   through   9:00 PM
2130 Fulton Street
University Center 402/403
University of San Francisco
San Francisco, CA 94118
United States

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