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The 50th Anniversary Convening of Global Events Around the World

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The Convening

Based on the SEAD study, Steps to an Ecology of Networked Knowledge and Innovation, Leonardo/ISAST host a regional event for our 50th anniversaries that alchemizes all the action categories listed in the report. The event aims to create the following sentiments - igniting, experiential, crucial, embodied, challenging and fun. The event design will bring together attendees from disciplines and experiences. The outcome of the event will not only be to manifest the actions categories but to jointly create a potent statement of premise or manifesto.  

Tentative Program

Day 1 - Experiential 

Lightening keynotes curated to inspire.

This day will encompass a set of transdisciplinary experiences ranging from small art/sci collaborations, institutions, academia and corporate innovation. 

Evening Reception.

Day 2 - Vision Planning

This day participants will gather for a facilitated day-long future-casting workshop focused on the transdisciplinary movement as a whole and it's relationship to society. This may result in a manifesto or multiple manifestoes, new collaborations and a new vision for Leonardo.

SEAD Action Categories

Translating, Convening, Including, Documenting, Enabling, Embedding, Situating, Sense, Making, Learning, Collaborating, Thriving



About Leonardo/ISAST
50 Years of Celebrating the Community

Almost half a century ago, kinetic artist and astronautical pioneer Frank Malina set out to solve the needs of a community of artists and scientists working across disciplines by using the “new media” of the time: offset print publishing. As a groundbreaking, innovative venture, Leonardo represented a unique vision: to serve as an international channel of communication among artists, with emphasis on the writings of artists who use science and developing technologies in their work. The result was Leonardo, an academic journal for artists with the peer-review rigor of a scientific journal. For 50 years, Leonardo has been the definitive publication for artist-academics, and the field has gained momentum in recent years.

Leonardo's anniversary celebrations are made possible by our international partners and led by the 50th Anniversary Committee Chair Nina Czegledy.


November 3rd, 2018 7:00 AM   through   November 4th, 2018 10:00 PM
2 Marina Blvd
Landmark Building C, Suite 260
San Francisco Art Institute
San Francisco, CA 94612-94612
United States

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