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the genitals fell into the much-surging sea

“you can check lines 188-190 of Hesiod's Theogyny ‘they fell from the mainland into the much-surging sea, so that the sea carried them for a long time.’ Therefore, no reference to the place where the genitals fell, but if you keep reading “lines 190-200 from the foam around them in the sea Aphrodite was created near the island of Kythira (south of the Pelloponese) and from there she follows to Cyprus (next to Turkey).

Not the clear-sighted

I found this fog quote attributed to Joseph Conrad and I made a little sketch for it: “It is not the clear-sighted who rule the world. Great achievements are accomplished in a blessed, warm fog.”

The Fog

Since I arrived at the Djerassi residency I have been particularly fascinated by the fog that rolls up the mountains at night (I guess you can tell it’s my first time on the West coast) so I have been drawing and thinking a lot about fog lately.

A working protocol


Got the electroporator to Djerassi Scientific Delirium residency... Considering using my sperm... And some centipedes" DNA... Wondering if you have any sense as to a DIY sperm salt rinse media/protocol and refresh media... I mean like Gatorade grade materials... I'm way out in the mountains.


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To: Adam Zaretsky

American Letters: National Science Foundation Poem

Dear National Science Foundation,

You were everything I ever wanted

when I was finishing my Ph.D. and I

have no idea why I didn’t pursue you further.

I liked the way you asked me how I liked

my research. You even asked about the percent

of the checks for my apparatus versus travel

and what went to my father University—

the modern dowry— still sexy in a vintage lingerie

sort of way, even if it was just about buying off my