A catalog of wishes from Scientific Delirium Madness – Part 1

I am making a dance that asks the audience to imagine the future.  The following wishes for the future were generated from my personal studio practice with dancer Elizabeth Chitty, as well as in collaboration with the other Djerassi Residents:


I wish that everything was not so expensive.

I wish I wasn’t afraid of the unknown.

I wish for a future where everyone moves their body.

I wish I had a better relationship with my Dad.  I wish I actually knew him.

Leonardo at SIGGRAPH 2017

Join Leonardo this year at the SIGGRAPH 2017 conference and view the annual special Leonardo SIGGRAPH journal issue featuring new Art Papers, and for the first time in SIGGRAPH history, the Art Gallery that is dedicated exclusively to works by Latin American artists and designers.

Dazzling FireBall: Space Junk, UFO or AI Swarm distribution coverup

While we were in residence at Scientific Delirium Madness a large fireball was seen in the sky over Palo Alto. Actually it was seen from San Francisco down to Los Angeles at the same time and it made it to Nevada and Utah before breaking up. The standard news took a few days to debate what the slow, glowing, giant comet-mass was. Delta Aquarid Perseid Meteor Shower ice ball? Flaming commercial airliner death ball? Off track or off map space junk?

Maya Spasova, centiSperm Drawings

Maya Spasova, London, UK. Visual Artist observed the centiSperm project and then took to drawing or channeling the lives of the centiSperm. Some are intertwined with each other. Some have wings. Some are forming into embryos. Some are flying in the sky. Derived from direct experience and delving into the unconscious connections to such a symbolic hybridity, Maya mixed snakes and angels, embryos and insects, clouds and DNA. Along with all the other prolific artistry Maya unleashed at Djerassi, she made 100+ centiSperm symbolically influenced drawings and embryonic sculptures.