Penny, Simon. Making Sense, Cognition, Cognition, Computing, Art and Embodiment

According to author Simon Penny, Making Sense: Cognition, Computing, and Embodiment  is about intelligence, cognition, and the impact of culture and technology. However, it is also a study in numerous contrasts, among them: biological being vs. computationally simulated being, civilian research vs. military research, representation vs  performance, art practice vs. media practice, and mind-body dualism vs embodied cognition.  “How do all these things fit together?” he asks, in the introduction.

Call for Nominations: SIGGRAPH Distinguished Educator Award

The ACM SIGGRAPH Executive Committee has established a new award—the SIGGRAPH Distinguished Educator Award—to honor educators in computer graphics and interactive techniques who are making a significant impact on any educational level, from grade school through higher education.

The Distinguished Educator Award—which will be given annually, beginning in 2019—will honor members who are innovative in their approach to education and who are making a difference in their respective disciplines through leadership and student engagement.