Not the clear-sighted

I found this fog quote attributed to Joseph Conrad and I made a little sketch for it: “It is not the clear-sighted who rule the world. Great achievements are accomplished in a blessed, warm fog.”

The Fog

Since I arrived at the Djerassi residency I have been particularly fascinated by the fog that rolls up the mountains at night (I guess you can tell it’s my first time on the West coast) so I have been drawing and thinking a lot about fog lately.

A working protocol


Got the electroporator to Djerassi Scientific Delirium residency... Considering using my sperm... And some centipedes" DNA... Wondering if you have any sense as to a DIY sperm salt rinse media/protocol and refresh media... I mean like Gatorade grade materials... I'm way out in the mountains.


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To: Adam Zaretsky

American Letters: National Science Foundation Poem

Dear National Science Foundation,

You were everything I ever wanted

when I was finishing my Ph.D. and I

have no idea why I didn’t pursue you further.

I liked the way you asked me how I liked

my research. You even asked about the percent

of the checks for my apparatus versus travel

and what went to my father University—

the modern dowry— still sexy in a vintage lingerie

sort of way, even if it was just about buying off my

Positioning Practitioners: Art and Science at SDM

I did not have a website for a long time. It’s not that I did not know how to make one or that I did not understand how important it was, it was simply that I did not know how to tell people who I was. I was happy to write but not to fill in the "About" section or even to add a link to be co. Should I say I am a poet? A curator? A social scientist who studies science and art? A STEAM education advocate?

centiSperm glaze for ceramic sculpture for Uranus’ castrated penis

I am considering the option of using the centiSperm as a glaze. Not for cupcakes although that came to mind. After electroporating raw centipede DNA into the germ cells, they could be used as a glaze for a fired ceramic sculpture. What came to mind was a sculpture commemorating Uranus’ castrated penis.