Twitter rain at Djerassi SDM

Twitter rain installation was created at the old barn during the Djerassi open house day on July 24th, 2016. The installation is part of a series of preliminary experiments, with the goal of translating data into sensory experiences.

All election related tweets on July 19th were collected and used as data point for the installation. We identified top 9 hashtags of that day, assigned each hashtag to a IV drip station. We then played back tweets as water drops from those IV drips.


I remember that the word testament and testicles have etymological origins in common. Early swearing on the Torah was not always possible before the printing press. Often it was told that men would take an oath on each other’s thighs or even under each other’s thighs. Due to the fact that the oath was a testimony, shy scholars had substituted balls or testicles with the words: ‘thigh’, stones or underthighs. The image is of men holding each other’s cojones cupped in each other’s hands during an oath, this is testimony.

a few notes on foam

Pertaining to the castration of Uranus’ Penis by his son, there is the question of the meaning of the word foam. According to the mythos, Uranus’ penis was dropped in the ocean and the bubbles or the foam from the dismembered shevacadoo mixing in the ocean went on to form Aphrodite. Upon reading about the foam of the castration, I immediately thought it was sperm leaking out from the severed testicles of Uranus.

the genitals fell into the much-surging sea

“you can check lines 188-190 of Hesiod's Theogyny ‘they fell from the mainland into the much-surging sea, so that the sea carried them for a long time.’ Therefore, no reference to the place where the genitals fell, but if you keep reading “lines 190-200 from the foam around them in the sea Aphrodite was created near the island of Kythira (south of the Pelloponese) and from there she follows to Cyprus (next to Turkey).