Recognition of Leonardo’s Outstanding Peer Reviewers

By Erica Hruby

As a result of more than 50 years of publishing work on the cutting edge, Leonardo has become the leading international peer-reviewed journal on the use of contemporary science and technology in the arts and music and, increasingly, the application and influence of the arts, design and humanities on science and technology. 

Constructive peer reviews are critical to Leonardo’s publication process. Leonardo relies on its expert peer reviewers to address work across disciplines with academic rigor and a sympathetic intelligence that provides our authors with insights that allow them to present their work as strongly and clearly as possible.

In 2017 we commenced a quarterly recognition of exceptional peer reviewers in our network. This month we extend our gratitude and congratulations to the following for their in-depth and deeply constructive feedback on papers under consideration for publication.

Suk Kyoung Choi
Suk Kyoung Choi is a Korean artist and researcher working in Vancouver, B.C., Canada. Choi’s research examines conceptual metaphor in pragmatic praxis to study the nature of embodied transformations between experience and knowledge. Suk Kyoung explores the phenomenology of creative process to extend knowledge of human factors informing the development of collaborative artificially intelligent technologies supporting human expression. 

Frédéric Dufeu
Frédéric Dufeu is Senior Research Fellow in Music and Music Technology at the University of Huddersfield. Both a musicologist and a software developer, he is currently working on the European Research Council funded IRiMaS project (Interactive Research in Music as Sound, 2017–2022) directed by Michael Clarke.

Adam Stieg
Adam Stieg is a Research Scientist and Associate Director of CNSI responsible for oversight of the Institute’s six Technology Centers – a collection of open-access user facilities that foster innovation across disciplines, facilitate university collaborations with industry, and aid in the rapid commercialization of discoveries by supporting over 5000 researchers from academia and industry. His research activities are augmented by collaborations with artists and designers on projects and public exhibitions that explore the creative underpinnings of the scientific process as a fundamental ingredient of innovation.

Alejandro Valencia-Tobon
Alejandro Valencia-Tobon works at the intersection of public art and biological science, drawing on a combination of participatory methods and sonic and visual (film) modes of representation to translate urgent questions about the natural world into social action. He conceptualises public art and participatory strategies for understanding the multiplicity of relation between humans and non-humans. Alejandro currently works on independent artistic projects.