Planning the Next 50 Any Language

By Stacy Jerger

As one of the world’s most time-honoured and leading platforms for art, science and technology, Leonardo is being singled out for recognition by the Prix Ars Electronica with a 2018 Golden Nica. Congratulations to all winners! Since the announcement, the Leonardo community has continued to explore and reimagine what the next 50 years of art, science, and technology look like. "We think that in 50 years people will publish in the primary language they think in  and translation engines will be effective” —Roger Malina

"Al pittore e necessario le matematiche appartenente a essa pittura."

"Pour le peintre est nécessaire les mathématiques appartenant à la peinture."

"Para el pintor es necesaria la matemática propia de su pintura."

"To the painter is necessary the mathematics belonging to  painting."

"Gratulation" by Jürgen Claus