Nourishment for the mind, body, and spirit

By Laurel Shastri
Bird mask enjoying lunch of avocado Bird mask enjoying lunch of avocado

At Djerassi, avocados are a prime commodity. They seem to exist in only two states: (1) unripe and (2) in the stomachs of the residents here. There is a third, albeit fleeting, state that exists in the moments from the time the groceries are unpacked to the next snack or meal. Case in point, a plethora of eight avocados was reduced to four between breakfast and lunchtime. I only mention this because for me, the only thing worse than not having an avocado at all, is eating one that is not ripe. Sadly, I have not actually eaten an avocado in several days… I do wonder if there is a link between avocado consumption and the ability to make creative connections between diverse fields of study. The residents here are all deep and considerate thinkers with amazingly malleable minds. Their conversations are rich velvety and smooth…much like the avocados I yearn for.