Arts & Design Department PUC-Rio

Rio de Janeiro
PUC-Rio is the Catholic’s first private higher education institution in Brazil, founded in 1940 by Cardinal D. Sebastião Leme and Father Leonel Franca S.J. As part of PUC-Rio’ s dynamic environment, the Department of Arts & Design offers undergraduate, graduate and continuing education programs in many design areas. The Undergraduate program offers majors in Product Design, Fashion Design, Visual Communication, and Digital Media. We focus on creativity and innovation while exploring the rich and diverse knowledge available in our university environment. Since its foundation in 1994, our Master Design Program has been responsible for the consolidation of design research in Brazil. It is the first of its kind in Latin America and has had more than 350 research dissertations approved. Following its success, the Doctoral Design Program was founded in 2003 and has had more than 130 theses approved up-to-date. Design and Society is the concentration area for both Master and Doctorate degrees approaching distinct aspects of design and its interface with technology, arts, and social sciences.