LAZNIA Centre for Contemporary Art


The LAZNIA Centre for Contemporary Art is one of the first public cultural institutions established in Poland after the transformations of 1989. It began as an initiative by local independent artists opposed to traditional models of art. An old and dilapidated former public bathhouse first opened in 1908, turned out to be an ideal space for showing art. In response to a grassroots initiative by artists, in 1998 the Gdansk City Council designated it a municipal cultural institution: the LAZNIA Centre for Contemporary Art.

In 2012, we opened an affiliate - LAZNIA 2 Centre for Art Education, where, in addition to visiting exhibitions, visitors can use reading room, library, open animation studio, and cinema, and attend a wide range of classes and workshops. With this LAZNIA CCA broadened its activity, not only by acquiring new space, but also in terms of its program.

LAZNIA 1 and LAZNIA 2 are much more than just centres for contemporary art. Both branches perform an important artistic and cultural function throughout Poland, and in terms of revitalization and education efforts aimed at deprived neighbourhoods in Gdansk.

Our main aim is to present and promote universal values of contemporary art as part of world cultural heritage by:

  • Art in public space: The Outdoor Gallery of the City of Gdansk;
  • Eduction as part of the revitalisation programme;
  • International exchange: Cities on the Edge, art residency programme;
  • Art+Science Meeting: it’s a wider look on the contemporary civilization for which science and technology so important for all of us, but still remain obscure to a lot people;
  • Education for all people: kids, adults, socially excluded groups, blind, disabled, autistic people.

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