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Guidelines for Reviewing Manuscripts

Articles published in Leonardo are selected on the basis of their potential contribution to an international dialogue supportive of the activities of the contemporary practicing artist.

In reviewing manuscripts please make comments that will assist the journal's editorial staff in either working with the author to revise the manuscripts or providing the author with a rationale for rejecting the manuscript. The reviewer's name will remain anonymous to the author unless you indicate your preference to be named.

The front side of the "Manuscript Review" form should be used for general comments on the manuscript's originality, significance, accuracy, organization and clarity of text. Copies of this page will be forwarded to the author if you authorize us to do so. The reverse side is to be used for specific comments as indicated and will not be sent to the author.

Manuscripts sent out for external review have been determined to be within the correct editorial aims and scope of Leonardo. Your review should assess whether the manuscript is of sufficient quality to warrant publication.

Particular considerations for the various categories of manuscripts are given below:

Artists' Articles and Notes

The journal generally seeks to publish articles on innovative and experimental work. Notable exceptions to this are experiments within traditional forms and artists' writings that give a retrospective of work produced over a long period of time.

General Articles and Notes

Articles that address interdisciplinary concerns, particularly interrelationships of art, science and technology, are of special interest to the journal. These articles must be thoroughly scrutinized for their scholarship, as they must often meet the standards of professionals in several academic disciplines.

Return of Manuscript

You need not return the manuscript to us. Return only those pages you have annotated.


Please send your completed review form as an attachment to: leonardomanuscripts@gmail.com

Updated 21 March 2006

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