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Sonic Commentary: All Ears

Curated by Bill Bahng Boyer

1. Jen Reimer and Max Stein: Wellington Tunnel (5:59)
2. Sarah Hennies: Gather (5:07)
3. Maile Colbert and Rui Costa: Calendar, doors, and corridors (5:25)
4. Gerard Gormley: Mochorel (6:39)
5. Christopher Haworth: Vertizontal Hearing (Up & Down, I then II) (8:58)
6. Jacob Kirkegaard: Stereocilia for 7 Ears (8:00)
7. Yvon Bonenfant and Cox Ring: Masz (4:16)
8. Tomomi Adachi and Jennifer Walshe: Telepathic Concert (10:04)


Curated by Bill Bahng Boyer
All recordings engineered and remastered by Tom Erbe
LMJ Editor-in-Chief: Nicolas Collins
Managing Editor: Laurie Stewart
Compilation © (P) 2016 Leonardo/ISAST
All individual © and (P) belong to the contributors except where otherwise acknowledged.

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Updated 8 December 2016