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Listening for Music Through Community

Curated by Pauline Oliveros

1. Nameless Sound Youth Ensemble + Guests: Parenthesis 1
2. Norman Lowrey: In Whirled Trance (Formations)
3. Sarah Weaver: Sema (excerpt)
4. Tom Bickley: Angelorium (excerpt)
5. If, Bwana: Cicada #1 Version EHG 9'
6. Caterina De Re: The Gasholder Stupa (excerpts)
7. Seth Cluett: Fleeting and Massive
8. Doug Van Nort: DLCGO
9. Marc Jensen: Patterns of Living and Sounding
10. Kathy Kennedy: HMMM Public Performances
11. Paula Matthusen: Lathyrus
12. Shannon Morrow: Listening Garden
13. Monique Buzzarté: Mouth Piece
14. Kristin Norderval: Skolelyder (Ja, Ja, Hey)
15. Elainie Lillios: Listening Beyond the LMJ Mix

This CD accompanies the 2009 Volume of Leonardo Music Journal, which is published annually. Leonardo Music Journal with accompanying CD can be purchased by subscription through the MIT Press, or by individual copy through the MIT Press or at book stores that carry MIT Press books and journals. Selected LMJ CDs can be purchased through EMF.

For notes and articles by the curator and contributors, see the CD Companion section of Leonardo Music Journal Volume 19 (2009), available from the MIT Press.

LMJ VOL. 19 Table of Contents

LMJ VOL. 19 CD Contributor Notes   

Updated 4 November 2009