LMJ 18 CD: Why Record? Life in the Age of Digital Performance

Curated by Click Nilson

1. Terumi Narushima: He resonates five toes… (02:17)
2. theconcatenator: Placard XP edit (04:46)
3. PowerBooks_unPlugged: globophagia no 1. (04:43)
4. Moscow Laptop Cyber Orchestra: Cyberjam0307 (04:44)
5. Jose Ignacio Lopez Ramírez-Gastón (El Lazo Invisible): Madrid 5 No Espera a Nadie (04:40)
6. slub: Phone_Mr_Biskov (05:00)
7. Mazen Kerbaj: VRRRT (04:48)
8. Barnwave: Prancing (03:56)
9. Federico Schumacher: Print...? (03:24)
10. Shelly Knotts: Chordophonia (04:35)
11. Kassen: Ill at ease at home? (03:44)
12. Yunasi: Kumbe Kumbe (04:30)
13. Thor Magnússon and Rúnar Magnússon: giooia---a variation of SameSameButDifferent v.02---Iceland (07:29)
14. rohan drape: piano & sine tones #15 (03:41)
15. Wang Changcun: 2008020912 (04:16)

This CD accompanies the 2008 Volume of Leonardo Music Journal, which is published annually. Leonardo Music Journal with accompanying CD can be purchased by subscription through the MIT Press, or by individual copy through the MIT Press or at book stores that carry MIT Press books and journals. Selected LMJ CDs can be purchased through EMF.

For notes and articles by the curator and contributors, see the CD Companion section of Leonardo Music Journal Volume 18 (2008), available from the MIT Press.

LMJ VOL. 18 Table of Contents

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Updated 22 July 2009