Nicolas Collins

Nicolas Collins became Editor in Chief of Leonardo Music Journal beginning with Volume 8 in 1998. As Editor in Chief, Collins has primary responsibility for directing the content of LMJ, its CD series and its World Wide Web pages.

New York born and raised, Collins studied composition with Alvin Lucier at Wesleyan University, worked for many years with David Tudor, and has collaborated with numerous soloists and ensembles around the world. As a composer he has helped pioneer the use of quirky hybrids of high and low technology in live performance. From 1992-1995 he was Visiting Artistic Director of Stichting STEIM (Amsterdam) and in 1996-1997 a DAAD composer-in-residence in Berlin. In September 1999, he joined the faculty of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Collins has long been active as a curator of concerts and sound installations. His most recent recordings are available on PlateLunch and Periplum.

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Updated 15 July 2009