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Leonardo Reviews is a scholarly review
service published since 1968 by Leonardo,
The International Society for the Arts,
Sciences, and Technology.

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Leonardo Reviews is the work of an international panel of scholars and professionals invited from a wide range of disciplines to review books, exhibitions, CD-ROMs, Web sites, and conferences. Collectively they represent an intellectual commitment to engaging with the emergent debates and manifestations that are the consequences of the convergence of the arts, science and technology.

Publishers and authors interested in having their print or electronic publications considered for review by the panel should contact;

Michael Punt, Editor-In-Chief, Leonardo Reviews
B321 Portland Square, University of Plymouth
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September 2014

If You Could Read My Mind
by Cameron Carpenter, et al
Reviewed by Richard Kade

The 2014 Conference on Neuroesthetics: Seeing Knowing - Vision, Knowledge, Cognition and Aesthetics
by University of California, Berkeley, 6-7 September, 2014 Sponsored by the Minerva Foundation; Co-sponsored by the School of Optometry and Vision Science Program, University of California Berkeley Johanna Drucker, Convener Conference website: http://www.minervaberkeley.org/conferences/seeing-knowing-vision-knowledge-cognition-and-aesthetics
Reviewed by Amy Ione

Real Virtuality: About the Destruction and Multiplication of World
by by Ulrich Gehmann and Martin Reiche
Reviewed by Gabriela Galati

Einstein and the Quantum: The Quest of the Valiant Swabian
by A. Douglas Stone
Reviewed by Christopher B. Germann

Forgetting the Art World
by Pamela M. Lee
Reviewed by Flutur Troshani

Love Objects. Emotion, Design and Material Culture
by Anna Moran and Sorcha O'Brien
Reviewed by Jan Baetens

Your Everyday Art World
by Lane Relyea
Reviewed by Edith Doove

Re-Collection: Art, New Media and Social Memory
by Richard Rinehart and Jon Ippolito
Reviewed by Mike Leggett

Self-Projection: The Director's Image in Art Cinema
by Haverty Rugg
Reviewed by Jan Baetens

From Literature to Biterature: Lem, Turing, Darwin and Explorations in Computer Literature, Philosophy of Mind and Cultural Evolution
by Peter Swirski
Reviewed by Enzo Ferrara

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