Yoichiro Kawaguchi, "Gemotion Dance" interactive installation with performance, 2002. copyright: Yoichiro Kawaguchi.

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Subscribers to Leonardo publications are eligible for a number of benefits, including Associate Membership in the International Society for the Arts, Sciences and Technology (Leonardo/ISAST). A full list of membership benefits is available on our Members page. Current members should contact the Leonardo Editorial Office to follow up on membership benefits.


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Subscribers to the print journal Leonardo with Leonardo Music Journal ($89 for individuals; $57 for students/retired, or $698 for institutions) receive print copies of the journals six times a year (5 issues of Leonardo and 1 issue of LMJ + CD) as well as free online access to the electronic versions of Leonardo and Leonardo Music Journal (volume 32 to current volume) through the MIT Press website. Subscribers are also eligible for access to thousands of articles in the Leonardo and Leonardo Music Journal archives (beginning with volume 1) available on JSTOR for an additional $25 annual access fee. Additional membership benefits are listed on our Members page. Subscriptions to Leonardo and Leonardo Music Journal are handled by our publisher The MIT Press. If you have any questions or problems with your subscription or you need to update your contact information, please contact The MIT Press. To follow up on your membership benefits, please visit our Members page or contact The Leonardo Editorial office.

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Full-text versions of the print journals Leonardo and Leonardo Music Journal are available as PDF files to current Leonardo and Leonardo Music Journal subscribers through the MIT Press website. After subscribing to Leonardo or Leonardo Music Journal, you need to register for on-line access on the MIT Press website if you want to view electronic versions of the journal. Once you have registered an account for on-line access you can go directly to the MIT Press user access page. If you have any problems or questions regarding your subscription or on-line access, please contact the MIT Press at journals-cs@mit.edu.

Updated 8 August 2014