The Leonardo Almanac

International Resources in Art, Science and Technology

edited by Craig Harris

The MIT Press
A Leonardo Book
ISBN: 0-262-58125-6
225 pp., illustrated

The Leonardo Almanac is an invaluable one-stop resource for those who are working at the intersection of the arts, sciences and technology. Included are profiles of major individuals, institutions and companies active in related fields. The organizations directory alone contains more than 500 entries for artist-in-residence, fellowship, sound and music, video and holography programs. In addition, the Almanac includes an artists' Words on Works archive, a Speakers' Network, bibliographies on everything from fractals to virtual reality to multimedia, and a calendar listing of events, competitions and funding deadlines.

The Leonardo Almanac covers a wide range of topics--computer graphics and animation, holography, robotics, telecommunications and art, video, computer literature, applications of artificial intelligence to the arts, applications of computers to music, and new materials in the arts. The in-depth profiles, examples of artists' works, detailed programs for educational institutions and research facilities, funding agencies, and artist-in-residence programs make this a key resource.

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Updated 1 March 2012