The Visual Mind

Art and Mathematics

edited by Michele Emmer

The MIT Press
A Leonardo Book
ISBN: 0-262-05048-X
304 pp.
300 illustrations, 50 color

Collaboration between artists and mathematicians is of greater interest today than at any time since the Renaissance. Mathematicians are looking at visual representations in new ways, while many artists today have profound interest in new technologies and new approaches. The computer revolution is very much a part of this increased fascination---as computers are used increasingly to connect the talents of artists and scientists in multidisciplinary areas of research. Various aspects of Visual Mathematics, discussions of aesthetic issues, historical perspectives and practical applications---are included in this volume, along with chapters by mathematicians who create artworks and chapters by artists who use Visual Mathematics as the basis for their art. Through discussions of the methods used to create these works, the reader is introduced to a new universe of mathematical images, forms and shapes in media ranging from drawings to computer graphics.

The Visual Mind includes 36 chapters covering Geometry and Visualization, Computer Graphics, Symmetry, and Perspective, with introductions on each of these topics. The chapters are richly illustrated in color and in black and white.

Michele Emmer is a Professor of Mathematics in Venice, Italy.

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Updated 1 March 2012