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by Stephen Jones

V01CE: Vocal Aesthetics in Digital Arts and Media
Edited by Norie Neumark, Ross Gibson and Theo Van Leeuwen

Enfoldment and Infinity: An Islamic Genealogy of New Media Art
by Laura U. Marks

Green Light: Toward an Art of Evolution
by George Gessert

Rethinking Curating: Art After New Media
by Sarah Cook and Beryl Graham

White Heat, Cold Logic
by Paul Brown, Charlie Gere, Nicholas Lambert and Catherine Mason

Tactical Biopolitics: Art, Activism and Technoscience
by Beatriz da Costa and Kavita Philip



The Leonardo Book Series, published by the MIT Press, publishes texts by artists, scientists, researchers and scholars that present innovative discourse on the convergence of art, science and technology. Envisioned as a catalyst for enterprise, research and creative and scholarly experimentation, the series enables diverse intellectual communities to explore common grounds of expertise. Leonardo Books provide for the contextualization of contemporary practice, ideas and frameworks represented by those working at the intersection of art and science.

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Editor-in-Chief: Sean Cubitt

Leonardo Book Series Advisory Board: Sean Cubitt (chair), Joel Slayton, Annick Bureaud, Roger Malina, Anna Munster, Michael Punt, Sundar Sarrukai, Douglas Sery, Eugene Thacker












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