Stephen Schneider, 1945--2010

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The board and staff at Leonardo/ISAST were deeply saddened to learn of the unexpected death of Dr. Stephen Schneider, Stanford professor and noted climate change scientist, while en route to the U.K. from a scientific conference. Throughout his 40-year career, Schneider was outspoken about the need for an aggressive response to climate change and his belief that scientists' involvement in advocacy was necessary and important to engage the public and improve their understanding of science and the environment. Schneider served as an advisor to seven presidents and was one of the awardees of a collective Nobel Prize in 2007 for his role in the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). He was editor in chief of the international science journal Climatic Change and author of hundreds of articles and numerous books on the topic. He was a senior fellow at Stanford University's Woods Institute for the Environment and served in numerous other capacities in the international climate change community of scientists and policy makers. Dr. Schneider had been scheduled to speak on September 16 at the upcoming GLOBAL WARNING: Artists, Scientists and Environmental Action symposium co-organized by Leonardo/ISAST and ZER01: The Art and Technology Network, as part of the 3rd 01SJ Biennial. Our heartfelt condolences go out to his wife, Dr. Terry Root, his family, staff and colleagues.


Updated 2 August 2010