SIGGRAPH 2012 - Art Gallery and Art Papers

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The 39th SIGGRAPH Conference and Exhibition on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques seeks artists and dreamers to submit their work for consideration. The conference takes place in Los Angeles and the deadline for submission is January 10, 2012.

SIGGRAPH 2012 Art Gallery

The 2012 Art Gallery call for submissions focuses not on a particular theme, but rather on a quality or sentiment to be found in the works exhibited. The 2012 Art Gallery requests works that effectively convey a sense of wonderment.

The call seeks works that both inspire and are inspired by moments of awe, surprise, and wonder.

In a world either ever collapsing into the trauma of crisis, or blurred into the bland sameness of rationalized every days, more than ever we need punctuating moments of surprise, awe, and wonderment that alert us to the beautiful in the world.

The artist is not only an astute observer of these moments but is also challenged to capture and release them for the rest of us.

Framed within the possibilities of technology itself or the fascinating reflections of a technologically mediated world, the SIGGRAPH 2012 Art Gallery: In Search of the Miraculous, seeks digitally and technologically mediated artworks that convey and inspire moments of wonderment.

Explorations may include, but are not limited to, examining current functional, structural, cultural, emotional, or metaphorical definitions, or constructing new realities, experiences, and meanings.

All forms of electronic and digitally mediated art completed in the last two years are eligible for submission. Submissions of multimedia installations, two- and three-dimensional works, kinetic, mobile, or interactive pieces are highly encouraged.

Submitted works will be reviewed in a jury process, and the selected work will be exhibited in a gallery space at SIGGRAPH 2012. In addition, selected works will be published in a special issue of Leonardo, The Journal of the International Society of the Arts, Sciences and Technology.

Artists and scholars are encouraged to give an Artist’s talk and/or run a Studio workshop if their work is exhibited. Scholars are also encouraged to submit proposals for Talks, Art Papers, or the Studio that address themes related to works presented in the gallery.

SIGGRAPH 2012 Art Papers

An Art Paper presents a compelling art or design practice within a solid conceptual framework and in accessible ways. In addition to providing a well-articulated description of the work in consideration, the Art Paper must introduce its historical and theoretical context, provide a conceptual narrative that inspires and provokes, and if applicable, argue for its technological innovations. A SIGGRAPH 2012 Art Paper can take the form of one of these five categories: Project Description, Position Paper, Thematic Survey, Technical Paper, or Monograph (only if the author is no longer active).

Authors present Art Papers in 20-minute sessions with five minutes of Q&A. The papers will be published in a special issue of Leonardo, The Journal of the International Society of the Arts, Sciences and Technology. The issue also includes visual documentation of the works exhibited in the Art Gallery. Publication of this fourth special issue coincides with SIGGRAPH 2012.


Updated 4 January 2012