LABS Top-Rated Abstracts, First Half of 2009

Leonardo/the International Society for the Arts, Sciences and Technology is pleased to announce the top-rated abstracts published in the English-language Leonardo Abstracts Service Databases during the first half of 2009.

Leonardo Abstracts Service (LABS), consisting of the English-language, Spanish-language, Chinese-language and French-language LABS databases, is a comprehensive collection of Ph.D., Masters and MFA thesis abstracts on topics in the emerging intersection between art, science and technology. Individuals receiving advanced degrees in the arts (visual, sound, performance, text), computer sciences, the sciences and/or technology that in some way investigate philosophical, historical or critical applications of science or technology to the arts are invited to submit abstracts of their theses for consideration.

Top-rated abstracts in the English language database was chosen in 2008 by peer-review panels under the guidance of Sheila Pinkel and will be published in the Leonardo Electronic Almanac.

The top-rated LABS abstracts of the first half of 2009 are:

  • Paul Thomas, "Reconfiguring Space"
  • Ionat Zurr, "Growing Semi-Living Art"
  • Stephen Jones, "Synthetics: an Archaeology of the Electronic Image in Australia, 1955-1975"
  • Noah Shibley, "Glucose, wireless chat for local communities"
  • Stephen Thompson, "Artefacts, Technicity and Humanisation: industrial design and the problem of anoetic technologies"
  • Zita Joyce, "Creating order in the ceaseless flow: The discursive constitution of the radio spectrum"
  • Susan Ballard, "Out of Order: Explorations in Digital Materiality"
  • Brigitta Zics, "Transparency, Cognition and Interactivity: Toward a New Aesthetic for Media Art"
  • Hollis Taylor, "Towards a Species Songbook: Illuminating the Vocalisations of the Australian Pied Butcherbird (Cracticus nigrogularis)"
  • B. Lea Cox, "Becoming Bird: Sound, Image, Movement"
  • Rolf Wolfensberger, "On the Couch - Capturing Audience Experience. A Case Study on Paul Sermon's 'Telematic Vision'"
  • Elizabeth Muller, "The Experience of Interactive Art: A Curatorial Study"

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Updated 9 September 2009