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Leonardo Announcement

LABS Top-Rated Abstracts, First Half of 2008

Leonardo/the International Society for the Arts, Sciences and Technology is pleased to announce the top-rated abstracts published in the English-language Leonardo Abstracts Service Databases during the first half of 2008.

Leonardo Abstracts Service (LABS), consisting of the English-language, Spanish-language and Chinese-language LABS database, is a comprehensive collection of Ph.D., Masters and MFA thesis abstracts on topics in the emerging intersection between art, science and technology. Individuals receiving advanced degrees in the arts (visual, sound, performance, text), computer sciences, the sciences and/or technology that in some way investigate philosophical, historical or critical applications of science or technology to the arts are invited to submit abstracts of their theses for consideration.

Top-rated abstracts in the English language database was chosen in 2008 by peer-review panels under the guidance of Sheila Pinkel and will be published in the Leonardo Electronic Almanac.

The top-rated LABS abstracts of the first half of 2008 are:

    "Critical Reflection in a Digital Media Artwork - Playas: Homeland Mirage" by Jack Stenner

    "The Cinema and its Spectatorship: The Spiritual Dimension of the 'Human Apparatus" by Martha Blassnigg

    "Encouraging the Expression of the Unspeakable: Influence and Agency in a Robotic Creature" by Nicholas A. Knouf

    "An enactive approach to digital musical instrument design" by Newton Armstrong

    "Towards Autonomous Agents for Live Computer Music: Realtime Machine Listening and Interactive Music Systems" by Nicholas Mark Collins

    "World Sensorium: The Theory, Practice and Significance of the World Social Olfactory Sculpture" by Gayil Nalls

    "Processpatching, defining new methods in aRt&D" by Anne Nighton

To read the full abstracts in the English-language database or to post an abstract, please visit: http://leonardolabs.pomono.edu

To read the abstracts in the Spanish-language database or to post an abstract, please visit: http://www.uoc.edu/artnodes/leonardolabs

To read the abstracts in the Chinese-language database or to post an abstract, please visit: http://china-labs.daohaus.org

Updated 3 October 2008

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