Leonardo Education and Art Forum

The Leonardo Education and Art Forum (LEAF) is a Leonardo Working Group that promotes the advancement of artistic research and academic scholarship at the intersections of art, science, and technology. Serving practitioners, scholars, and students who are members of the Leonardo community, LEAF is a forum for collaboration and exchange with other scholarly communities, such as the College Art Association of America (CAA).


Join the Leonardo Education and Art Forum

LEAF is open to all individuals who are interested in the issues addressed by Leonardo. Full LEAF membership and participation in LEAF elections is reserved for subscribers to Leonardo journal. Some LEAF activities and events, such as at the annual College Art Association (CAA) conference, require paid registration to the hosting organization.

Join LEAF: Those who wish to become involved with LEAF should send a brief bio to LEAF Chair Suzanne Anker at suzanne.anker@gmail.com

2015 Chair: Suzanne Anker

LEAF International Representative: Andrés Burbano

2016 Incoming Chair: JD Talasek (Ihcoming February 2016).

2017 Chair: TBD (Incoming February 2017).

Past Chairs: David Familian, Adrienne Klein, Ioannis Yessios, Amy Ione, Eddie Shanken, Andrea Polli, Victoria Vesna, Nina Czegledy, Ellen K. Levy, Patricia Olynyk


The 2017 Chair-Elect will assume the position of Chair at the CAA conference in 2017; however s/he will serve with the current 2015 Chair and the 2016 Incoming Chair over the 2 years prior to serving as 2017 Chair. Nominations are now open. If you would like to be nominated or would like to nominate someone, send an e-mail to 2015 LEAF Chair Suzanne Anker at: suzanne.anker@gmail.com

Core Activities:
1. To provide a pedagogical and art/science research forum responsible to the professional needs and interests of LEAF’s membership by assuming responsibility for activities and opportunities associated with key meetings. Since these forums often take place outside the U.S., LEAF will appoint a LEAF International Liaison to attend these meetings and initiate pertinent activities when possible, and co-ordinate with Board initiatives.

2. To report to the Leonardo ISAST Governing Board.

There are three positions: Chair, Incoming Chair, and Chair-Elect. Each person elected occupies all three positions, which are staggered over a three-year period. (These positions may be shared. For example, if the position of Chair is shared, each person will be a Co-Chair.)

Chairs are elected by members of LEAF for three-year terms; Immediately following the annual CAA conference, a new Chair Elect rotates into place, the current Chair Elect becomes Incoming Chair, and the Incoming Chair becomes Chair. The level of stewardship and involvement of each elected member who cycles through all three positions increases over time and typically all three are in frequent communication regarding LEAF activities. At the end of the three-year term, the Chair may continue to serve LEAF in an advisory capacity as a member of the LEAF Advisory Group.

View an archive of selected past LEAF activities (compiled by Paul Thomas)

Listen to a podcast of 2008-09 Chair Andrea Polli talking with Lee Montgomery of Neighborhood Public Radio at ISEA 2006 about Leonardo Education and Art Forum (previously known as Leonardo Education Forum)

Become a member of Leonardo: http://www.leonardo.info/members.html

Updated 15 February 2015